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Build your essential skills with our simple how-to online courses that take you through the practical, everyday tasks of wool harvesting, from penning and shearing to wool handling and pressing. You’ll learn from watching industry experts demonstrate technique, and there’s supporting documents to give you a solid grounding in what you need to know.

If you’re new to the wool shed our online Shed Hand and Crutching training is a great place to start, or select bite-sized training for specific skills.

Watch, learn, then apply your skills on the job. There are no classrooms, no campuses and no student loans.

WOMOlife wool handling online courses are different from any other courses and HERE’S WHY! From the industry experts themselves, Amber Poihipi, Tina Elers and Leo Smith explain how WOMOlife online courses are different from any other courses out there and what you can expect to experience from them.

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Working with Wool – an Introduction

Don’t know much about Wool Harvesting and working in a wool shed? Check out the taster online courses in Working with Wool and explore animal health and wellbeing, along with learning about some of the tasks that take place in a wool shed.

Working with Wool gives you access to a suite of videos, pdfs and quizzes. Videos can be watched online, at any time and from anywhere.

Working with Wool Contains

  • the role of a shed hand
  • types of wool sheds
  • preparing a sheep for shearing
  • penning a sheep
  • types of pens
  • pressing wool overview and equipment
  • picking up wool
  • overview of crutching
  • shearing gear & grinding intro
  • overview of wool, setting up a wool room, wool faults
  • the importance of nutrition for you!
  • communicating with different cultures
  • say no to bullying
  • types of contract
  • understand your payslip

Check out this short video (of course!) on how to purchase and watch our online courses. Find out about payment options, purchasing for staff and how to watch the content and do the quizzes.

WOMOlife Presenters

Our presenters are industry experts with heaps of experience. We work closely with them and other advisors to script and produce our videos so that the β€˜how’ and β€˜why’ is explained easily.

Each video includes an overview of the topic, an explanation, a demonstration and a recap. All in plain English


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