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Agricademy was founded in 2019. Since then, we have trained almost 500 people in the wool harvesting industry. We’ve launched in the dairy sector with Get Milking, and introduced a programme for schools where every student can sign up for online training.

Success at work, success in life is the outcome we want to inspire. By getting the training needed when you start work, we believe farmers benefit by retaining employees and new employees gain the confidence and knowledge to get through their first year. We’re passionate about providing farmers with the training they actually want for their team and equipping employees with the practical and life skills they need to do well at work.  So we developed online and on-farm training for the generation that gets its information online, lives on their smart phones, and connects on social media. 

“Online First, On Farm Next” is our mantra. It’s a model that works: in the words of our head shearing trainer Justin Bell, ‘the difference between kids who do the online first then the practical courses is light years ahead of those that only do the practical’. 

Agricademy doesn’t offer qualifications. Our content proudly sits in what’s known as the ‘non-formal learning’ space.  We offer quality online training in the practical skills and tasks required for today’s farm roles.  All the online training and on-farm follow-up sessions have been created by farmers, trainers and teachers.  While not officially accredited by NZQA, we have made sure our content aligns to unit standards – we know it’s very suitable to NCEA level 2.

With Agricademy, there are no classrooms, no campuses and no student loans. Keeping employees on the farm, Agricademy training is designed to give workers a fast, confident start. They can complete the online courses before they start work or in the first weeks on the job.

Our courses feature learning material that is easily understood and able to be put into action, reducing the costs of training and the time it takes to successfully on-board employees new to the industry or to the farm. Trainees upskill quickly, develop confidence to ask questions, and increase their productivity.

With tens of thousands of jobs available on New Zealand farms, it’s never been more important to invest in training.

Alister Shennan

Alister Shennan, Managing Director

After working in a senior management role with the PrimaryITO in Wellington, Alister could see that industry was not getting the training it wanted. So Agricademy was born.

Prior to the ITO, Alister held senior management roles with the West Australian TAB, TV and radio in New Zealand, and owned and operated his own advertising agency in Wellington.As a family man with two sons, he is committed to seeing the next generation have opportunities to be trained well so they can benefit from long-term successful careers in agriculture.

Online First

Our training videos feature experts showing how to do each task in easy to understand, short clips.  

On Farm Next

We partner with industry experts who deliver training on-site or in-shed to teach the practical skills trainees need on the job.

Partnerships Matter

We’re a proud part of the agriculture ecosystem and actively collaborate with other like minded organisations.

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