On-Farm Training in Dairy

Agricademy’s approach to training is ‘online first, on farm next’. When the online training is complete, our on farm training is arranged by our partners around the country. They deliver the training in small blocks of time to work with farm schedules and everyone’s availability.

The price depends on the length of time scheduled. This is unique to each trainee and farm. Our partners decide what’s required to suit the trainee, their skill level, and the farm requirements.

on farm training

Here’s Ange with four young Dairy Assistants she recently trained.

We love this quote from trainee Loughlan; ”for a guy like me that’s not academic, the videos are great…. and Ange is real nice and positive and her way of teaching is my way of learning”

Watch now to hear what the other trainees had to say.

Our partners design and deliver training

Our partners work with trainees to schedule and deliver the training. They are expert and experienced and focus on the hands-on with our trainees – showing them the why and how of the skills they’ve learned online. Our partners complete assessments to share with the employer and that highlight focus areas for the trainee. They also ship out the Certificates of Completion for our Relief Milker and Dairy Assistant courses!

Tyree Connor Agricademy Partner
Tyree Connor, Waikato
Hannes and Lyzanne du Plessis
Hannes & Lyzanne du Plessis, Southland
Jackie and Nestor Eligado
Nestor & Jackie Eligado, Taranaki
Angela Strawbridge
Angela Strawbridge, Manawatu 

Contact us if you’re outside of the regions listed.

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