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This course will teach you how to crutch, which involves the removal of wool from around the tail and between the rear legs of a sheep for hygiene purposes and also includes eye wigging, which is the removal of wool around the eye are to prevent sheep getting wool blind in the winter, or pink eye.

Generally, you would learn to crutch a sheep competently before progressing to become a shearer.

When crutching sheep, you’ll be involved in:

  • Using good technique and safety practices to remove the wool from around the tail and rear legs of the sheep, and/or the eye area
  • Having a clear focus on animal welfare at all times in the handling and managing of the sheep
  • Working as a key part of a shed team, understanding roles and responsibilities and communication within the team.
Course Description

This course is ideal if you are starting out in the shed, a school leaver, year 12 or 13 and keen to work in the sheds crutching in the school holidays.

In this course you’ll learn about:

  • Crutching variations for
    • full belly (for pre-lamb or prior to shearing)
    • half belly (mainly done in the winter for easy access for lambs to feed)
    • fan and back slam methods
    • ring crutch method (four blows, used for dagging, pre-tup crutch for ram to go out, or general tidy up)
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