Shearing Gear, Grinding, Crutching

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On this WOMOlife course you’ll learn:

  • Crutching variations for
    • full belly (for pre-lamb or prior to shearing)
    • half belly (mainly done in the winter for easy access for lambs to feed)
    • fan and back slam methods
    • ring crutch method (four blows, used for dagging, pre-tup crutch for ram to go out, or general tidy up)
  • Shearing Gear:
    • handpiece and gear safety
    • types of combs and cutters – how to set them up and use them
    • how to clean and maintain gear
    • how to tie your mocassins!

  • Grinding:
    • knowing when it’s time to grind or sharpen your gear
    • the set up
    • knowing all the parts of your gear and the grinder and Emery papers
    • the stance – the position of the body
    • how to grind, including hollow grind
  • Eat Wise
    • for a longer more sustainable career
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