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With approx. 26 million sheep, it’s no wonder New Zealand shearers and wool handlers are rated as some of the best in the world.

And now we’re ready to share our industry expertise and talent with the UK.

WOMOlife wool industry training has created a series of professionally shot online training videos, with techniques and skills demonstrated by some of the best of New Zealand’s record holder and world champion shearers and wool handlers.

Our online training

Following industry best practice and respectful of animal welfare, our online videos will introduce you to learning in the shed, helping you build the skills you need for the wool harvesting industry.

Videos are available in a range of topics, as a full course or as a bite-sized course, and cover everything from penning, crutching, shearing, wool handling and pressing. You’ll learn a lot about technique, best practice and working well on a stand, or as part of a team on the wool floor.

Each video is short, easy to follow, and relevant to industry right across the globe. They are suitable for anyone already working in a wool shed, or applying for their first job.

  • Get to work in an industry that rewards hard work
  • Get to work by physically using your whole body
  • Get to be part of your community
  • Get to build a life for yourself, not just a career
  • Get to travel the world while earning.

Watch, learn, then apply your skills on the job

Whatever your role is in the wool shed, we’ve got you covered with a full course or a bite-sized course. If you’re new to the wool shed our online Shed Hand and Crutching courses are a great place to start.

Costs for one year access to an online course start from £30 for crutching (6 videos), or pay £150 for a full shearing course (over 50 videos).

Get access to expert skills and techniques in the course of your choice. Simply watch a selected series of videos, each between 1 – 4 minutes long. When your done you’ll get a certificate of completion.

Online Courses – Full

Online Courses – Bite-Sized

WOMOlife Presenters


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