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Wool Harvesting Online Training

New Zealand and Australia are famous for their record-breaking shearing records and competitive spirit. 

We have some of the world’s best shearers and wool handlers. WOMOlife has created world class online courses for shearing and wool handling. Gold medal shearers and wool handlers explaining and showing the best techniques, work practices combined with nutritional and movement requirements to keep you operating at your best throughout your career. 

Both the NZ and Australian wool shed operations are very different from the UK set up, with mobile shearing trailers. The volumes are bigger with a good shearer able to complete up to 300 sheep a day. Hydration, nutrition, movement and keeping your gear in top condition are all critical to get through a NZ shearing season. 

Merino is a big part of the Australian wool story, so here are the recommended courses for Australian shearers and wool handlers wishing to develop their skills in merino. 

Online Courses in Merino

If you’re not working with merino’s we have plenty of other courses below including some bite sized courses focused on key skills.

Online Courses – Full

Online Courses – Bite size

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