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Looking for a dairy assistant job in New Zealand?

Enroll and complete the Agricademy online dairy assistant course before you arrive in New Zealand. The course will give you a good understanding of the role and what you will be doing daily. Included is a glossary of New Zealand terms, which helps you to understand dairy farming in New Zealand.

The New Zealand dairy farm environment is pasture based. Your duties will include working outside on the farm and in the milking shed. Even if you have experience working in other countries in barn-based environments, you will still need to understand New Zealand practices. Tagalog captions are provided with the dairy assistant course to improve your understanding.

When you have completed the dairy assistant course, you will receive an online certificate of completion. You can use this in your application for a job in New Zealand. Or as a supporting document through your immigration adviser.

For those seeking full-time work in New Zealand as a dairy assistant, we recommend the full online dairy assistant course. 

For those seeking part time work on shorter visas we recommend: 

Check out this short video (of course!) …

…on how to purchase and watch our video training. Find out about payment options, purchasing for staff and how to watch the content and do the quizzes.

Clarence Stolte is a farmer in Wairarapa and explains why he likes Get Milking video training

Why choose Agricademy training? In this short video we chat with Clarence Stolte in Carterton, Wairarapa about his thoughts on our training model. Clarence is a 50:50 sharemilker, a farm owner and supervises a few other farms. Clarence has been dairy farming for 17 years and loves the mix of hands on, outdoors, technical and technology skills we get to use every day in dairy farming – and would love to see more enthusiastic, new entrants into the dairy industry.

“There is a huge benefit in being able to offer early training that doesn’t require lots of reading. I struggle to read pages of information, but these short videos explain more than a thousand words!”

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