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If you want to know more about what’s involved on a dairy farm, watch these videos and you’ll get an idea about the tasks and roles that make up working on a dairy farm, along with an understanding about the importance of animal health and wellbeing.

Our videos focus on how a cow sees and acts (surprisingly, very different to humans!), along with giving you a sense of some of the sorts of daily or weekly tasks a Farm (Dairy) Assistant would do.

What will these discovery videos show me?

By watching these videos, you will get a good overview of what working on a dairy farm would be like. They’ll also show you

  • how cows see the world, how to deal with them kindly and patiently
  • the importance of good hygiene in the sheds – the milking shed is a health food factory and must be kept to a high standard of cleanliness  
  • why every farm needs a good team, with each person knowing their role and responsibilities

We also look at what else is important to know and understand in our Work Wise series of videos that include Money Wise and Eat Wise. There are a couple of sample videos to watch. It’s important to understand things like how you would be paid, and what are the benefits of KiwiSaver? It’s also very important to know what good nutrition looks like, as the physical nature of working on a farm can be a great way to look after yourself if you do this right.

What do I do next?

There are 22 short videos to watch (each between 1 & 4 minutes long).
Each video also has a pdf of information and tips on each topic, which you can open, save and print.

There’s a short self-assessed quiz at the end of each video and quiz answers are in the video or in the pdf – there are no trick questions! If you get one wrong, it’s okay, and you can have another go. Note there are no quizzes for our work wise section – just videos to watch.

As the learning progresses from video to video, the first time around, you’ll need to watch them in the order they’re listed. Once all have been watched, you can then go back to any specific video at any time you like.

Course Content

Course Content

In the shed: Routines, systems and teamwork
Fencing, Feeding and Water
Work Wise

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