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Work Wise

We’ve put together a series of videos from industry experts talking about how eating well, and managing your money – all important topics to help you work smarter for a longer more sustainable career in Dairy!

Watch the videos in any order.

Eat Wise

Find out in these short informative videos why eating well will support your career on-farm and in shed.

To eat-wise, we need regular meals and hydration to provide us with consistent fuel over the whole day Eating well builds muscle mass, strength and stamina; helps you perform at a top level; gives you optimal energy levels and concentration to do your job well; reduces your risk of fatigue and getting sick; and improves your mood.

Eat Wise includes making small, positive changes to what you eat each day and leads to big results in performance over time. Fuel your body with nourishing foods and drinks to be on your A game every day.

Eat Wise for a long and sustainable career.

Money Wise

Earning money is a big deal. We’ve made 8 short videos (each one is between 1 – 4 minutes long) to explain a few things, as it’s important to know and understand:

  • what your contract means
  • what types of contract there are
  • how to read your payslip so you know how much you are earning and what tax you’re paying
  • why you have to pay tax
  • who to ask if you have a problem with contracts and pay at work
  • why it’s important to let your boss know when you are sick.

It’s also good to let your boss know if you’re off sick, to ask for leave, and to put some money into savings if you can.

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