Agricademy Dairy training videos now with Tagalog captions

Agricademy videos have Tagalog captions

Thousands of workers in dairy have come to New Zealand from the Philippines and our industry will continue to need more.  We heard from many employers that having Tagalog subtitles on our dairy video training would help new arrivals pick up key information more quickly.  We also listened to recruiters wanting to share the content with potential staff still in the Philippines.  

So ta da!  Now all our dairy videos have closed captions available in Tagalog.  Easily switched on or off by the trainee, they are in addition to our on screen English subtitles which paraphrase the English commentary.  Trainees are still learning in English, but can now be supported by reading in their own language.  Check out our free videos to see for yourself!

There’s simple instructions on how to access the captions in a short video (of course!) here.

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