Agricademy and MyMahi announce partnership 

Agricademy, a national provider of online training for dairy farming and wool, has partnered with MyMahi, a platform to help learners to discover their strengths and become work ready.   

The partnership sees MyMahi feature and promote Agricademy’s unique training model to learners who are considering dairy farming careers but aren’t sure that classroom learning is for them. 

“Agricademy’s  ‘online first, on farm next” mantra is a model that works,” says founder Alister Shennan, “as a result of training hundreds of learners, we know that the difference between kids who do the online first then the practical courses is light years ahead of those that only do the practical”.  

The MyMahi platform was built to enable young people to plan ideas about their next steps and look at the range of options out there.  The 60,000+ learners engaging online with MyMahi content can now view and access Agricademy video training within seconds.  

“We’re delighted to partner with Agricademy and promote their video training – their content proudly sits in what’s known as the ‘non-formal learning’ space and that’s a big attraction to students today who learn online and who want to build skills for work”. 

Jeff King, Founder
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