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As well as learning about the role of a relief milker, there are other areas on farm a new person in dairy should learn about outside of the shed. Here are some additional videos to watch:

  • Role of a Milk Maker
  • Electric Fencing: Overview
  • How to put up an electric fence
  • Water: An overview

How to watch this training

Each video also has a pdf of information and tips on each topic, which you can open, save and print.

There’s a short self-assessed quiz at the end of each video and quiz answers are in the video or in the pdf – there are no trick questions! If you get one wrong, it’s okay, and you can have another go.

As the learning progresses from video to video, the first time around, you’ll need to watch them in the order they’re listed. Once all have been watched, you can then go back to any specific video at any time you like.

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