Online training in Wool & Dairy for high school students

Invitation to all High Schools: help students learn so they can earn!

Our videos are perfect to encourage school students to consider weekend, holiday and (perhaps one day!) full-time work in agriculture. So we’ve curated a suite of online training including 50+ videos to give students a head start.

High schools in NZ can sign an unlimited number of their students into a range of introductory wool (WOMOlife) and dairy (Get Milkingonline learning for just $1000+gst*

*Valid until 30 November 2024.

Agricademy doesn’t offer qualifications. Our content proudly sits in what’s known as the ‘non-formal learning’ space.  We offer quality online training in the practical skills and tasks required for today’s farm roles.  All the online training and on-farm follow-up sessions have been created by farmers, trainers and teachers.  While not officially accredited by NZQA, we have made sure our content aligns to unit standards – we know it’s very suitable to NCEA level 2.

What’s included?

Each student will have access to online learning with over 50 videos, pdfs and quizzes introducing them to roles on-farm and in-shed. Click on the topics below to see the list of learning.

Each student can watch the videos at any time and from any where, or a school may decide to make the content part of inquiry learning or in a classroom learning.

Quiz questions at the end of each lesson (except there’s no quiz for listening and communication) are self-assessed. A student can attempt the questions again if any are incorrect. All the answers are in the video.

Relief Milker

  • cow behaviour and how to keep the cows happy
  • the basic terminology used in the milking shed
  • how to load the Rotary Shed and row up the Herringbone Shed
  • the right way to cup a cow
  • how to tell when a cow is milked out
  • how to remove the cups and check the udders
  • teat spraying and how to use the backing gate
  • how to clean the cow shed and yard


  • how to remove the wool from around the eye, the tail and between the rear legs
  • how to safely pen the sheep
  • how to safely press the wool (footage on three different types of wool press

Wool Handling  

  • how to handle wool and remove the oddments from shorn wool 
  • how to check and skirt the fleece 
  • how to separate the wool for length, colour and contamination 
  • how to set up board duties 
  • how to pick up and throw the fleece 
  • how to skirt the fleece and roll the wool

Shearing Gear and Grinding 

  • all about handpiece and gear safety 
  • about the types of combs and cutters, how to set them up, use, clean and maintain them 
  • how to set up the Grinder; know the parts and how to use it  

Listening and Communication – specific to wool harvesting

  • Communicating with different cultures
  • Communicating wth people with impairments
  • Skills for improving communication
  • What makes a good team player
  • Bullying

Example Video Lesson – Dairy

Example Video Lesson – Wool

Terms and Conditions

Payment is an annual fee enabling an unlimited number of students from a school to have access the online training, as listed on this page.

The offer is only available to registered students of a school, and is not extended to family members, ex-students or the general public.

Payment is required in full by a school before any access is granted to the online content, unless a payment plan agreement in writing has been made between a school and Agricademy.

There are no age restrictions for access to the online content.

Students must provide a individual email address to enable them to access the content.

Certificates of completion are automatically sent on completion of the training.

While access to online content is valid for one school year, this has been extended to 30 November 2024.

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